What's Our Story?

 Well, the story is real simple.. it started with our burning desire to do good on this beautiful planet we live on!

 This is where the bright idea came about to take our handmade eyewear leashes, give them a rad identity of their own
so that together with you our customers we can help contribute to a world where those that need it most can have access to eye-care!
When you purchase your Tjoobie we donate a portion of the sale to Onesight, an independent nonprofit providing
access to quality vision care and glasses in underserved communities in South Africa.

We told you its simple.. we support your glasses and in return you get to support this amazing cause!



and what's with the name Tjoobies!?

Yup, its another simple answer.. The rubber connectors on the end of our eyewear leashes are made from upcycled bicycle tubes,
or as we like to colloquially pronounce it in South Africa a "tjoob". Hence the name Tjoobies! or chew-bees if you're struggling with the spelling.

Reducing our impact on the environment is high up on our list of priorities, so intercepting rubber bicycle tubes on
their way to landfill and upcycling them is something we're really proud of.




ok, ok thats pretty cool, but who are you guys?

We are G and G.. Gareth and Gavin.. brothers born and bred in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.
Together with our talented team of artisans we have built Tjoobies from the ground up!
With a clear goal in mind we've utilised the materials we have around us and drawn inspiration from this rad culture and society we live in to come up with a product and business model we're truly proud of!